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carotid artery: Certainly one of two main blood vessels located on possibly side from the neck. The carotid arteries offer blood on the Mind.

acute urinary retention: A unexpected lack of ability to vacant the bladder. Results in incorporate an enlarged prostate gland (in Gentlemen) or bladder muscle mass troubles.

complicated grief: A protracted, rigorous reaction to bereavement that affects just one in 10 individuals that get rid of a liked a single. Essential indicators are lack of ability to accept the Demise; Regular nightmares and intrusive, upsetting memories; detachment from others; constant yearning to the deceased; and excessive loneliness. Occasionally identified as traumatic or chronic grief.

cochlear implant: A small Digital device that is certainly implanted from the interior ear to revive some Listening to into a deaf individual.

adulterant: An component within a medicinal products (herb, complement, or prescription drug), which dilutes the purity of your item and does not contribute to its therapeutic effects.

Long-term tiredness syndrome: A problem of ongoing, extreme tiredness that interferes with somebody's capacity to operate very well, just isn't improved with relaxation, and is not attributable to A further health issues.

They’re able to get in early and advance a disruptive solution since they goal accounts exactly where need is emerging, not established—accounts that are primed for adjust but haven’t but generated the necessary consensus, let alone settled on the training course of action.

Insufficient sleep exacts a toll on perception and judgment. Inside the office, its results may be observed in decreased efficiency and efficiency, faults, and mishaps. Often the results may even be lethal, as from the case of drowsy driving fatalities. far more

typical migraine: A migraine headache with none Visible indications, such as not a blind spot, beforehand. Also called a migraine devoid of aura.

acupuncture: A therapy according to Chinese drugs. Skinny needles are inserted in to the skin at certain factors on the human body. This therapy is made use of to treat suffering and check these guys out several health problems and to cut back strain.

carotenoids: Compounds which include lycopene and beta carotene that provide red, yellow, and orange color to specific vegetation.

Arteriosclerosis happens when cholesterol-prosperous plaque forms to the interior lining of arteries (atherosclerosis), when artery walls develop into calcified, or when higher hypertension thickens the muscular wall of arteries.

cauda equina: A bundles of nerve roots that look like a horse's tail, Situated at the end of the spinal cord.

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